great moments of being a mom

happy mommyIt’s dark and rainy at 10 in the morning, unbelievable! So unlike yesterday which is like how all our days seem to be – hazy, humid and hurried!

Wait, what am I saying? Yesterday was an interesting day in its own happy, happening and unhurried way. Steev, my almost 18 year old, wants to diversify his business. Me being his el-cheapo business consultant who charges nothing for my two-cents 😆 , I’m the first one he ropes in to brainstorm his business plan.

Then Raine came home from school and got me into an intense discussion about a CD that she’d watched at school about the law of attraction which she has to write about. She thinks it’s pure common sense, why do we even need someone to tell us that? Hmm, I have to agree!

Later, Steev and Hip2bDad left for a boys’ night out for dinner and the movie “The Taking of Pelham”, leaving us girls to our own devices, yeah! Oh, sure we promised to wait up for them. But you know how waiting can be like Australian time, the minutes just tick on ever so slowly, like every minute is an hour 😆 ! Soon we got so sleepy we had to turn up the music and bawl sing to keep awake.

These sure are some of the best moments of being a mom. I don’t think we always have to make special plans to bond or to communicate with our kids. Sometimes it just happens and those are the best times. We’re hanging out talking, laughing, just being ourselves, doing stuff together and going to bed happy.

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