the copycat

Okay, here’s my rant for the week. I’ve got to get this off my chest so I can start Monday with a smile 😀 . Okay, let’s face it, we’re a society of copycats, blatant ones at that. I’m a rebel and a non-conformist so I find copycats very uncool!

woman exercisingWell, there’s this woman at the gym. I don’t know her and have never spoken to her. Friday before last, she was there and by all appearances, it seemed like she was working out on a bench across the room from me.

I wouldn’t have noticed her if she’d actually been working out like everyone else. But she was just lying there on the bench, her head turned in my direction, her eyes fixed on me, watching me intently.

Last Friday, she was there again, only this time she was unashamedly doing all the exercises that she’d watched me do the Friday before. Am I over-reacting? How do I know she’s copying me?

Well, because I’ve been at that gym long enough to know what workouts everyone else does, and most people just keep to the same old, same old. Well, me being the wierd one, I’m always changing my routines and doing workouts that no one else does.

Point is copycats piss me off, and this woman was so in my face! I wish she would just quit the gym and go back to her weight loss pills. I mean, those of us who are regulars do get together and exchange notes about how we’re doing with different routines and then we go ahead and try what works for the other person.

But this woman walks in there, spies on people, steals their ideas and makes like she pioneered them 🙄 .

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