book of parenting accomplishments

I wish I’d kept a book of my children’s developmental milestones and our parenting spills and thrills over the years. But at the time, I was so busy working that it was hard to keep up with recording of all these precious memories. Now of course, I wish I’d at least scribbled down those dates and milestones and interesting events somewhere.

I know of lots of new parents who are going out of their way to track those memories. They’re noting down even the smallest things in The New Parents Book of Firsts, a keepsake book for new parents, not just their babies — because by golly, Mom and Dad accomplish something new every day too. It would be great to have the photo of me analyzing poo, for instance, or of the first time in years I went on a girls’ night out.

Sometimes it’s not easy to find the perfect gift for a hip mom-to-be but hey, this is a great start.

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