wrong floor

I was in the elevator with a woman on my way up to the insurance company to pay my bills and to inquire about some cheap term life insurance. The woman was apparently going there as well since she’d pressed the button for the third floor.

When the elevator stopped at the first floor, I hopped off and found myself standing in front of a gym. Oops, I’m on the wrong floor. Yep, that’s so me! I’m always doing stuff like that 😆 .

So I doubled back to the elevator just as a guy was also getting in. He asked where I was going and I said to the insurance floor. He said, oh that’s on the third floor. I laughed and told him I must’ve been dreaming 🙄 . And just before he got off at the second floor, he reminded me I need to get off on the next floor. What a nice guy!

And just in case you’re wondering, the woman who was in the elevator with me had watched me get off on the wrong floor without saying a word. Some people!

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