tamarind all over

When I’m all sticky and sweaty after my workouts, this scrub is the best thing ever. The first time I saw the word ‘tamarind’, I went eww, no way I’m going to shower in assam laksa soup (noodles in sour tamarind soup)!

tamarind body scrub

Actually there are many flavors to choose from (can’t remember them all), each with its own benefits. But I chose tamarind because it sounds so exotic in an unlikely, foodie sort of way. After I started using it, I realized all my fears of stepping out of the shower smelling sour as a tamarind were unfounded. In fact, I smell like …. myself, who else do you think I’d smell like, huh 😆 ?

I bought this bottle a while back and although I use it all the time, it never seems to finish. Now I’m only about three quarters way through but since the sales are on, I’m tempted to go check out the other flavors. What’s your favorite scrub?

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