earn good karma, sponsor me @ Blogathon 2009

Two years ago, when I signed up for the Blogathon, I had no idea what we were getting into. All I knew was that it was a chance to raise money for charity doing something I love – blogging.

I had no idea how I was going to keep blogging for 24 hours straight let alone without any sleep. But I told myself, look, if people can stay up for 24 hours blogging for money (tho’ I’d never done that myself!), I probably could pull it off for just one night.

As it turned out, it was such a lot of fun my two girls ended up staying up with me till about 2am and waking up again at 6am. We had the Blogathon radio blasting away all night. Great music and updates on how the other bloggers were doing which really helped keep us motivated.

While the rest of the family slept, we three would sneak down to the kitchen several times to rummage for food to keep us awake 😆 . Then we’d rush back upstairs to write our next post. The girls thought up ideas for my posts and did the research while I kept blogging away.

All that talking and giggling in hushed tones and tiptoe-ing around was such good fun, I tell ya! We can’t wait to do it again this year. This time, we’ll line up all our laptops in a row and stock up loads of snacks and unhealthy food nearby, booyah!


But most importantly, we need sponsors. Yes, please consider donating to our cause to stop cruelty to animals. You can pledge your donations here to go straight to ASPCA (not to me) to help the animals. This is for charity and no amount is too big or too small.

I’ll be here all night blogging like crazy. If you’re still awake at any time of day or night on July 25, please come by and leave me a comment to cheer me on. It’s a Saturday night so don’t say you have to be in bed early 😉 !

If you have a charity you’re passionate about and would like to help raise money for them, you can get more details and register your blog at Blogathon 2009. If you have questions or comments, you can either post them here or go to their forum.

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