opening a can of germs

tissueSo there I was at the grocery checkout line with the kids. It’s Saturday and the express line is long. Suddenly the guy behind us lets out a cough, then another. All four of us jumped. Eww!

It was almost like he’d opened a can of germs and waved it in the air. OMG! Instantly my 3 kids left the line and walked outside without me telling them (I’ve trained them well 😯 ) while I held my breath. I swear if the cashier had gotten to me a few seconds later, I’d have turned blue in the face and passed out right there!

Dang these people. Why can’t they cough into a tissue or just stay home? Because of this, I’m darned uncomfortable about going anywhere these days. There are so many kids coughing and sneezing in school as well and their parents are still sending them in!

We’re told to keep washing our hands as a precaution. Yes but it depends on where you are. If you’re in the cinema, what good would it do to keep washing your hands 🙄 ? I mean, it’s spread through contact, yes and it’s airborne as well. All it takes is for someone to sneeze or cough, and there you have it! Duh!

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