my homemade shepherd’s pie

Since I’ve banned canned food this week after we OD’d on Transformer tin cans last weekend, I made shepherd’s pie for lunch today. From scratch.

homemade shepherd's pie

Yes, it can be fattening but as long as you don’t eat it every day, you won’t need to subject yourself to any weight loss program review.

Usually I cheat by using chicken instead of lamb. Haha, the poor shepherd would be insulted! But today I made the ‘real’ thing with ground lamb. The kids loved it and say I should open a restaurant next to the one where they first tasted this, you know the one that claims to have that award-winning secret recipe for cheesecakes, 😆 . Yeah, my kids sure know how to polish my shoes so I’ll cook this for them again next week.

Shepherd’s pie isn’t exactly the kind of food that chinapeks (chinks) would appreciate. But surprisingly my uncle who happened to drop by today says it’s very good. He thinks I can’t cook and I didn’t have the heart to tell him I had Ratatouille sitting on top of my head the whole time I was cooking this 😉 .

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