two dumpling festivals this year?

I missed eating my favorite bachangs, or dumplings this year because I was still on my 30-day vegetarian diet during the Dumpling Festival. Which means the 6 delicious homemade dumplings my dear neighbor gave me were sitting in my freezer for quite a while.


She gave me two of 3 different types here – sambal bachang which is spicy and tastes rather wierd to me *shudder*, pork bachang with chestnuts, dried shrimp and wobbly pork (I love playing with the jiggly fat but if I eat it, I’ll definitely need a diet pill to go with it 😛 !) and the pea version of the pork bachang which is the most yummy of all!

My dear neighbor tells me there’s two Dumpling Festivals this year and the second is tomorrow. Wonder if I’ll find more of her homemade dumplings dangling on the fence tomorrow morning?

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