don’t call me, I’ll call you

Quite often, people get frustrated with me because I don’t seem to answer their phone calls or text messages. Hey, folks, I’m really sorry, I swear I’m not avoiding your calls. I would answer if only I could just find my phone or remember to switch it on 🙄 .

old model cellphoneMy first cellphone was the one my company made us carry. So like it or not, I had to lug that huge, fugly thing with me and keep it on 24 hours a day even though my job description didn’t include being night watchman watchwoman. So me and cellphones never actually got off on the right foot, know what I mean?

Then there’s my perpetual problem of never being able to get to my cell phone quickly enough to answer it before it goes dead. It’s worse if I’m driving. I tried wearing a Bluetooth headset which made me feel like an alien from planet Pluto, so out it went!

By the time I left my job, cell phones had gotten considerably smaller, sexier and even harder to find in my big bottomless tote bag. With 3 school kids to juggle, my mentality has always been: don’t call me, I’ll call you unless there’s an emergency in which case just text me and I’ll get back to you within the next 30 days or after all my kids are married, whichever comes first, thanks 😉 .

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  • Stacie

    LOL I had to chuckle at this. Half the time I can’t hear my cell phone as my blackberry doesn’t have loud ring tones. I forget where I put it.

    • clairity

      Mine is a HP iPaq and the ring tone is not loud either, even when I set it to max. Now I set it to vibrate as well so hopefully between the two, I’ll actually know it’s ringing 😆 .