Happy Father’s Day

Since we didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day this year, the kids said we should be fair and not celebrate Father’s Day either. But of course, Hip2bDad is the hippest dad we know. The kids’ favorite line: If you think I’m cool, wait till you see my Dad. And it’s true, the kids’ teeny-bopper classmates see him and they’re going, man, your dad’s really cool 😆 .

Like I said, we didn’t celebrate Father’s Day but we did. Hip2bDad woke us all up early this morning and bundled us off to a huge unhealthy breakfast. Unhealthy breakfasts are definitely the tastiest 😆 !

Later in the afternoon, he and Steev snuck out to the boonies and came home with another couple of hundred bucks of durians for dinner! Hip2bDad is our hero when it comes to opening durians. If not for him, we’d be squatting by the roadside (eww!) instead of feasting on the floor of our own kitchen with 20+ open durians in front of us. He’s da man!

Happy Father’s Day to the all the daddies out there!

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