pork and thorns

On Saturday, the day before we went to the Philharmonic, we had lunch at Tai Thong at Caesar’s Palace. It was the second time in a week that we pigged out there. Woo-hoo, that’s how much we love dimsum.


Later while Steev, Skye and I went home, Hip2bDad and Raine went to collect anauto insurance quote for a friend and then sneaked off to buy durians (we drove separate cars). Can’t say we’re a family of big durian fans. We’re not crazy about it but if it’s there, okay we’ll eat it.

Then there are my durian rules. No one is allowed to burp in an air-conditioned room after eating it! And there’s no way I’d transport durians in my car! I hate the horrible stink that lingers on for days that even a bunch of pandan (screwpine) can’t get rid of!


So it’s not surprising we haven’t had durians in years (yes, you heard me, years!!). We’re the guilty parents who’ve been depriving our poor kids of this king of fruits 😆 . Anyhow Hip2bDad and Raine came home *surprise!* with a heap of durians costing 2 hundred bucks! It’s like eating gold, burp 😳 !

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