yo, we’re cultured!

So we spent a good half hour fussing over what to wear and making sure – no shorts, no t-shirts, no jeans, no sneakers. Finally we were all starched up (bleh, I feel old, Skye sighed when she looked in the mirror!), all set for the *drum roll please* …


Philharmonic, you guessed it! Yo, we’re cultured, we’re cultured! Just look at us sitting stiffly in the second best seats in the house in an auditorium of hoity-toities, tilting our heads to the symphony of violin, cello, tuba, clarinet, grand piano and xylophone (not the one on the letter X page of the kids’ picture dictionary, mind you 😆 )!!

The uniformed ushers, stationed stiffly at the end of each aisle, curtly told off anyone who dared touch their cellphones and cameras! So when no one was looking, I randomly pointed my camera skywards and clicked. Beautiful, ain’t it? Just looking up at the ceiling transported me to the far reaches of the Milky Way where planets swirl and violins play under an infinite night sky… and my eyelids grew heavy.

Okay, so if we were Philistines before, we’re cultured now! We sat through an entire hour and a half of classical music. Wait a minute, are snores part of a classical composition? But hey, whatever, we all enjoyed it and it was definitely well worth the excitement and dressing up.

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