we’ve got tickets to?

We’ve been so busy having fun this past week I’m getting really behind in my posts. Yes, I said we had grand plans but we didn’t know they were going to be this fun, honestly 😯 .

Meantime I’m so excited about what we’ve got planned for today that I’m going to let you in on a sneak peak. We’ve got these… yes!


Five tickets for Steev, Raine, Skye, me and Hip2bDad (who’s going to grace us with his presence by skipping the last two holes of golf, yay!) to go to ……. er, can you guess what/where?

I’ll post the answer tomorrow as we’ve got another big event to go to right after this. But I promise I’ll sit down next week and spill the beans on all the exciting things we’ve been up to, so stay tuned…

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