Catherine caller strikes again!

my HP iPAQ

My cell phone rings. I pick it up. Surprise!

Him: Hello, is that Catherine?

OMG, not you again! This same guy called me barely two weeks ago.

Me (sweetly): No.

Him: You’re not Catherine?

Me: No.

Him (hesitating): You’re not Catherine?!!!

Me (my voice getting sickly sweet now): No.

Him: Er, do you know Sun??? (inaudible) of Some??? company (inaudible)?

Man, some people just can’t take NO for an answer, can they? You’re really testing my patience here, mistah!!

Me: No.

Okay, that’s it, buster, enough of playing Patience! I’ve had it, I’m going to let you have it … sweetly!

Me (in my ultimate sugar-laden voice): You’re obviously talking to the wrong person!

Him: Ya, I think I got the wrong number!

Well, about time too!! It took you that long to figure it out?? Man, you’re really dense!! Either that or you just can’t get enough of my sugar-laden voice, eh? It’s the voice I seldom use. It’s a voice that should make you afraid, so afraid you might even forget who Catherine is, bwahaha!

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