beauty and brains

I was so inspired after visiting Great Aunt at the nursing home where she now lives after her fall. Rarely is there such a fiesty and beautiful 89-year-old as my great aunt. In her younger days, she was a raving beauty. I’ve seen her black and white photo, taken wa-ay wa-ay before Photoshop, that bears testimony to her movie star looks.

Even at her age now, she sports a tuft of white punk hair and is slim and trim. As if her looks aren’t enough, she speaks fluent English (she’s English-educated like most of our family) and has the brains to go along with it.

She was her usual chatty self, thrilled at the sight of my kids and asking each in turn how they’re doing in school. She likes to keep herself updated and she usually has some motivational advice to dish out after hearing us out.

Of course, me being the proud mommy, I couldn’t help boasting about Steev being a good public speaker. Moms have a license to boast, okay 😉 ? Great Aunt was positively beaming with pride. After all, she watched my kids grow from the time they were babies.

old woman on walker

Eager to dish out some public speaking tips to Steev, she leapt to her feet in a single bound from her sitting position on her bed and holding onto her walker, she proceeded to demonstrate how he should stand and make eye contact with his audience. I was like man, just look at her 😯 , she’s simply amazing!

Then she noticed Steev was wearing a t-shirt with words on it. She signaled him to lean closer and she rattled off the words on his shirt – I make everything look easy! Hahaha, I really salute this grand old lady. She’s somethin’ else. She’s truly inspirational. She’s an 89-year-old that everyone would be proud to be!

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