the omnivore is ba-ack!

Skye, my cheeky 13-year-old, greeted me with “Happy Meat Day, Mom” when she saw me this morning. Yep, I’m omnivorous again today. Not sure how I made it through the 30 days of no meat, no seafood, no eggs, veggies only but truth be told, it wasn’t that hard! Nyek, just that the constant hunger pangs were starting to turn me frantic 😆 .

But all’s well again. The kids dragged me to Tony Roma’s to celebrate (Skye’s bright idea!) and I had this for lunch.

grilled chicken

Not the most delicious grilled chicken but hey, it’s my first real chicken meal in a whole month, okay?

So now that we don’t have to worry about separate meals for the kids and me any more, we can all get back to our own business of reading, writing, blogging and playing computer games. I’m sure if we had a PS3, that’s where you’ll find my kids but we gave ours away after lining up for hours to buy it at the launch 🙄 .