grand plans

Bliss! The school break is here, for the girls at least. We have a few things in mind to do this time though we’re not much good at sticking with plans. My vegetarian diet ends today and after this, oink-oink, who knows??

I have grand plans to drive us all downtown for a super-duper lunch, bake some muffins, do some creative projects with the girls, catch a couple of movies and just stuff myself silly with the food I’ve been missing!

I suspect the girls will mostly have their heads buried in the 30 books we bought at a book sale recently. I had the box of books quarantined in another room till after their exam week. Well, the minute they came home last Friday, they dragged this out and hauled it to their room 🙄 .

books for june reading

Many of my mommy friends have been asking what I’m going to be doing this school break. Let’s see how we go with these grand plans 😉 . Have you got any plans coming up?

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