tall, dark and what, did you say?

My bestest girl friend in the world swears she’ll never date someone who’s a vegetarian. Not even if he’s tall, dark and good-looking and has a house on a ranch in the San Fernando Valley which he built with his own two hands?

Me: No? Wait a minute, what are you saying? He’s a really nice guy and I can see he really likes you.

She: Uh-uh, I gotta have my meat, meat, MEAT *growl*! If I don’t have meat, I might just kill somebody, gawd! You know how I love to go out and have a nice filet mignon once in a while.

birdAt any rate, we drove up to see his house one weekend. Beautiful ranch, beautiful house, beautiful view… until he started serving us bowls of salad and bird seed for lunch.

My poor girl friend took one look at “lunch” and turned to me with her evil eye when he wasn’t looking.

And I don’t blame her. To be completely honest, I can’t say I’m into bird seed either 🙄 ! I mean, just looking at them makes me wonder how much I’d have to eat to get my growling tummy to shut up!

So yeah, I can totally see her going, um, I think I’ll have the grilled bird seed with mushroom sauce, medium rare please!! If she were to ever date him, she’d never, ever need anything that even vaguely resembles an appetite suppressant ever, that’s for sure! Just the sight of those bird seeds will make her thin 😯 .

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