bullock carts and Incredible Bulks

Woo-hoo, this is the beginning of the last week of my 30-day vegetarian diet. Again I couldn’t wait to jump on that weighing scale this morning. Looks like I’ve gained back another 0.5kg (1 lb) which is good.

push-upsOver the past week, I’ve upped my workouts so maybe I’m building more muscle, I don’t know. Anyways I started doing push-ups and of course, I embarrassed myself being the klutz that I am 😳 .

Man, push-ups are hard. They’re really hard to do because women have very little upper body strength. Dang, I feel like I’m pushing a bullock cart up a cobbled street. My arms are just screaming!!!

A gym buddy of mine was saying she seems to be building bulk in her arms. Actually that’s true, I notice that in mine too. Instead of getting thinner, they’re kinda bigger than before. Of course, neither of us wants to look like the Incredible Bulk but oh well, as she says, better bulk than ding-a-ling underarms, it really cracks me up when she says it like that 😆 !

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