just play it by ear

We got a note from the guitar teacher that the girls have been moved up to Grade 2 whatever that means. When we signed up, it was supposed to be a fun class, no grading, no tests so this came as quite a surprise.


Anyhow upgrading is great but the fees have gone up too, definitely not so great! I wouldn’t mind the fee increase so much if the teacher would take his job more seriously and have a little more structure in the way he teaches.

He promises to teach the girls one thing next week and when next week comes, he does a totally different thing! At one point, he asked the girls to name some songs they like so we gave him a CD of the girls’ favorite songs. He taught 2 or 3 songs from there without so much as a chord sheet and our CD has never been seen again!!

After the girls practise what he’s taught, he changes the chords of that same song the next week and they have to start over!! I’m no expert but I don’t think that’s any way to teach music. The girls told him they want to learn how to read chords but he says no, just play it by ear. That’s certainly not how I learnt to play the piano so 😕 .

He has taught them a number of techniques and I’m pretty happy with that. But his style of teaching sounds awfully unstructured, haphazard even. The girls are confused and losing interest. Frankly I’m confused too. Does anyone know if this is how guitar classes are taught?

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