the brake, dum dum!

I was speeding down the highway to Steev’s college. Okay, I wasn’t exactly speeding but I wasn’t exactly turtling either. Let’s just say I had to step on it as I was going up the ramp. And then, all of a sudden, I feel my car jerking… just a little but enough that I was starting to feel maybe something was wrong, like we were going to stall maybe?

In the bright sunlight, it was hard to see the icons on my dashboard but when I peered more closely, I saw one of the icons was lighted up. And what did it say? Brake? Brake! Eeek, I was driving with my hand brake on the whole time! The things I do sometimes, seriously 😳 !

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  • Lynne

    I’ve done that so many times, especially in our van which has a foot break for the emergency break! Something tells me it’s so worn out that it wouldn’t do me much good in an emergency!

  • Sandy

    Oh my, can’t say I’ve ever done that. Used to always drive standard transmission cars, til about 6 years ago when I needed to switch to automatic, due to back problems. Clutching all the time is hard on the back, but I think when you drive a standard and shift all the time you’re maybe more aware of the hand/emergency break. Bet that mistake is gonna cost you some major bucks. It’s pretty hard on the car, depending on how long you drove that way. Yikes.