who ate my last bag of chips?

I couldn’t wait to jump on the scale at the gym this morning. I don’t have a weighing scale in the house. Well, it kaput years ago but I never bothered replacing it since no one uses it. So I had to wait out the weekend to get to the gym this morning to find out if I’d lost more weight. Surprise! I’ve gained back 0.5kg (1 lb) since last week. Whew!

My vegetarian meals are still bland as I haven’t been inspired to cook anything fancy. When I first started this 30-day vegetarian diet, I wasn’t sure if I’d actually be climbing the walls for meat after a few days. Today is the start of the third week of my diet and I’m still not missing meat yet. When we eat out, I look at all my favorite meat dishes and I’m still not turned on 😆 ! I guess that’s a good sign?

The hunger pangs are pretty bad though. They’re constant and don’t seem to go away! I’m not a snacker but these days, I’m even trying to beat my own kids to the last crumb, hahaha. Just found out someone has finished up my last bag of chips and I’d better not find out whodunnit, grrr!!!

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