my music is back

For weeks, I’ve been without my car CD player. The freakin’ bad roads killed it, that much I know. Not being able to play my CD is an added stress to driving, something I really don’t need. Half the time, I’m flipping between channels trying to avoid those darned ads. The way the radio channels are besieged with ads, believe me, it’s really hard finding a song, never mind a good song 😕 .

Then there’s all that talk and news and information updates. Listening to those fake accents, mispronunciations and half-past six grammar drives me nuts! For years now, I’ve kept the radio off when the kids are in the car with me. They don’t need to hear all that. They’ll have lots of time to pick those up at school 😉 .

Yesterday while waiting to pick Raine up, I had some time to kill so I started fiddling around with the CD player to see if I could get it to work. Please, please work!! It coughed and spluttered. I gave it a few encouraging whacks and whoa, we’re back in business! Woo-hoo 🙂 !

dog listening to music

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