dang, I lost weight!

I’ve just had my breakfast of homemade kopitiam kaya toast (coconut jam toast served in traditional coffee shops) except mine is butter toast. No kaya since it contains eggs which isn’t vegetarian.

kopitiam toast

Ah, that feels so good, I’m feeling all fat and buttery now 😛 ! Hopefully that’ll help make up for the 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) I lost from staying off meat for just one week. And this is only the first week! Dang, I was hoping not to lose any weight… honestly 🙁 !

I guess this is what makes the world go round. Those who want to lose weight can’t seem to keep the pounds off. Those who have dark hair want to be blond. When you need to get some place quick, all the lights are red 🙄 .

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