Happy Mother’s Day!

Skye: Mom, we’re not going to buy anything for Mother’s Day this year because we realize it’s all a gimmick 😀 .

Me: *sobs* (wiping a pretend tear from my eye)

Raine and Skye: But we love you every day 😛 !

Uh-oh, did I raise monsters from saying that Mother’s Day is getting too commercialized? Never mind, we can always have dinner any night of the year. Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

Skye: Oh, and Mom, don’t forget it’s Pierre’s birthday today.

Oh yes, how could I forget indeed 😆 . Hope it’s not too late but here goes. Happy Birthday, Pierre, you’re too cute and funny, keep smilin’, we love ya!

Pierre Bouvier, Simple Plan

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