Happy Wesak, may you be well and happy!

I’ve just had my very simple lunch and I’m happy. But that happiness is only temporary and will only last till I’m hungry again 😳 . While munching my lunch, I was watching a video by Ajahn Brahm, my favorite Buddhist monk, about how to overcome suffering and find true happiness.

He’s an amazing speaker with lots of humorous and insightful stories to tell, that’s why I love going to his talks when he comes to town. He gives talks all over the world so it’s hard to catch him. Well, in this video, he says happiness can be found not in your ancestry dna or by having carloads of money, but in places where many people never think to look.

I’m watching this video for the second time because I find it very enlightening. This is not a religious video, though Ajahn Brahm is a Buddhist monk, so even if you’re not a Buddhist, this video is still safe to watch, I promise 😉 .

The beauty of Buddhism is that it offers practical views that can be applied to our everyday lives and modern lifestyles. I think this is the main attraction for many people in the West, including celebs like Richard Gere, Tina Turner, Orlando Bloom, Steven Seagal, Keanu Reeves and Tiger Woods, who are embracing Buddhism. My kids think it’s really cool that so many of their favorite rock and movie stars are Buddhists too 😆 .

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