Mom vs The Cookie Monster

Confession, for the past few weeks, I’ve been sneaking down to the kitchen at odd hours of the afternoon to munch on milk and Oreos! Me? A cookie monster? No way, I don’t even like cookies. But there’s something about dunking Oreos in milk that’s so addictive. I sit there and I’m dunking Oreo after Oreo after Oreo… till the whole roll is gone… then I’m on to the next roll 😳 !

milk 'n cookies

And I’m the one who’s constantly on Steev’s case for finishing up all the cookies in the house. Steev’s our resident cookie monster. On the first day of his semester break last week, he whacked all of his sisters’ cookies while they were at school. Oh no, I wasn’t going to take any chances with my Oreos. I hid the last roll before Steev could get to it, hahaha!

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