herbivore for a month, can I do it?

Yesterday was the start of my 30-day vegetarian diet. This being Wesak month, I decided to do something different, and you know what? I’m pretty excited because I’ve never dared attempt anything like this before.

I have a pretty high metabolic rate and I get hungry all. the. time. It’s embarrassing, I know but I can’t control it. People can eat a banana or a few cookies and be full. I eat more than a banana or a few cookies and I can’t feel it in my tummy, it’s gone, poof! So I admire all you vegetarians and people who can go on diets. I can’t 😳 . So I never even bothered trying.

Going vegetarian once a fortnight, on the first and fifteenth of the month, is something I’ve done all my life. That’s easy because that’s just one day and the next day, I’m back to meat. This time, I’m going for 30 days straight. No meat, no fish, no eggs. Without any meat for my tummy to grind, I bet I’ll get even hungrier quicker! If you hear my tummy growl across the internet, just ignore it and don’t embarrass me, okay 😉 ?

At any rate, it’s Wesak (May 9) and I’m feeling religious. I have faith that I can do this (what do you think?), even if it means I have to run down to the kitchen and graze more often 😛 ! Okay, that’s it, I’m outta here, I think I hear the grass calling. Chow time, bwahaha!!

cow grazing

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