oh no, she’s moving!

teacherCan’t believe it’s Monday again. I’ll be heading into the city to meet up with my Scottish friend who is an expat wife. I met her at an English teaching course we both attended. Neither of us were teachers when we met, but now we’re both old qualified and seasoned English as a Second Language teachers, hahaha.

Learning to teach English was a blast. The course was so gruelling that she and I grew closer as we worked on those head-wracking assignments together day after day, night after night. People think teaching is just bla-bla-bla, and you just reel off from a book, then go home and sleep. Well, yes if you’re my kids’ teachers 😉 .

We’re not that kind of teacher. For each class that we teach, we painstakingly prepare our class materials till late into the night to make sure we’ve got everything covered. We research everything before we go to class so we’re very clear in our heads how we’re going to present the grammar, etc in a fun way that will generate interest in our students. Well, we went through a lot during the course but we both did great.

And now, she’ll be moving to Vietnam soon *sobs*. It’s a shame expats don’t stay long in one place. I don’t have many friends who are on the same wavelength with me, who will laugh at my sometimes cynical humor and laugh with me when I make a complete fool of myself. I sure am going to miss her, big time! Maybe one of these days, I’ll visit her and she can show me Scotland.

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