so what you doin’ about swine flu?

Here we go again. Another deadly flu going around. I was checking the latest updates on CNN and oh no, Hong Kong and Korea are the latest to be hit. I mean, swine flu (or whatever it’s called) could be here even, we won’t know, right 🙄 ? Of course, to make it even more interesting, there’s no telling if it’s swine flu or the regular thing.

As if I’m not OCD enough, I kept telling the kids, stop holding onto the escalator, and ew, don’t touch this, don’t touch that, the whole time we were out yesterday 🙄 . We’d planned to spend most of the afternoon watching the fashion shows at Fashion On 1 again, but seeing how super-duper crowded the mall was with all sorts of characters, we decided to make a quick exit. Nyek!

Before we left, I managed to grab 8 bottles of antiseptic handwash. The first store I went to didn’t have a single bottle left. Their shelf of antiseptic handwash was swept clean, completely empty. I panicked a little seeing as how I’d almost got caught out during the SARS outbreak. Luckily that time, a doctor friend of mine found a store that still had stock. From then on, I always carry a bottle around with me in my handbag.

I’m pumping everyone up with vitamins every morning. Like it or not, they have to pop a multivite at least. Once I finish the chicken and pork that’s in my freezer, we’re going to cut back. Sure they say the name swine flu is misleading. Anyways…

So happens I’ll be starting my vegetarian diet for a month next Monday. Steev thinks it’s good timing since we probably should be going out less anyways in view of the swine flu. The girls say they too want to keep me company and go vegetarian with me so I won’t have to cook different meals for them. So sweet of them 😀 .

So what precautions are you taking especially if you have kids? How are you handling it with the older kids?

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