lame duck and cups of tea

Woot, glad the long weekend is here… finally! Aren’t four-day weeks just the greatest 😉 ? On top of that, I’ve had Steev home with me and we’ve been drinking ourselves silly. Yep, he’s just rediscovered his love for green tea while the rest of us, except for Raine, discovered we heart Cameronian tea.

steeping mugs

The weather’s been so frickin’ hot even after those pretentious spats of rain which doesn’t even help at all. In the afternoons, we hide in the bedroom with both the air-conditioning and fan going full blast, and sip cooling drinks to ward off the heatiness.

The girls are having some crazy homework to finish this week. One day, Raine’s homework was to copy 5 pages off her book into an exercise book 😡 ! Absolute rubbish, I say! What’s the point? What’s she learning from this? Luckily Steev, the kind older brother, volunteered to do her homework blind copying for her while she was busy with the other homework. I normally don’t allow this but in this case I’m justified to say okay.

The past few days, I’ve been a lame duck nursing a pulled muscle on my right side from carrying a bag of rice from my car into my kitchen. The pain twitched on all day and I could only drive short distances. At night, it got so intense I could barely sleep 😡 ! Anyhow, I’m better today and I’m just so glad the weekend is here. I can’t wait to get out of the house 😛 !

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