not the surprise we expected

I told the girls I would surprise them with a new place to eat this weekend. They wanted it to be a real surprise so they didn’t ask me where I was taking them. By the time we turned into the parking lot of the main building, Skye mentioned Wendy’s and I said, yes that’s where we’re having lunch today.

They’ve been to Wendy’s long ago when they were kids. I loved their Frosties then, or was it because back then, there wasn’t half the choices of fast food we have now which was why I remember their food tasting so good? Anyhow after reading the raves on some blogs, and also for old times’ sake, I decided we should have lunch there.

Mistake. I should’ve stuck to my trusted philosophy of one man’s meat is another man’s poison and gone to our regular Saturday lunch places. Wendy’s burgers and salads may be freshly prepared but the portions are so tiny we would need 2 orders each to be half-full.

Luckily we chose the promo combos. No big deal about their burger buns being soft, they were just ordinary. No drinks refills for such expensive combos – I think they need a reality check. And their baked potatoes are nothing like the one I make at home 😉 . See my flavorful baked potato here?

clair's homemade baked potato

That probably explains why we had the entire restaurant to ourselves at lunch time on a weekend. Okay, no more surprises for now, think I’ll stick with the tried and true, thanks 🙁 .

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