whole day at the mall

So what have we been up to? If you’re thinking I was getting pampered at one of those posh boutique hotels, you couldn’t be more wrong 😆 ! Saturday has never been this crazy in a while.

Steev was having his finals for one of his classes. Raine had a movie appointment with her friends to watch “Confessions of a Shopaholic“. After dropping her off, Steev, Skye and I went for an early lunch at McD’s.

With two whole hours to kill, we had to eat slowly, very slowly and drink endless cups of coffee. Well, either that or eat a lot, which was what we did. People were giving us strange looks as our trays kept piling up.

When Raine’s movie ended, we went home for a couple of hours and then we were back again at the mall for the girls’ guitar lesson. This time, Steev and I went to Kluang Station for a cup of cham (coffee + tea) while waiting.

Then it was straight to dinner at Milano’s Pizza. I was really bumped, I tell ya, partly because my muscles were aching from all those new routines I did at the gym Friday, and the palms of my hands were swollen because I took off my gloves towards the end of my workout and fired up my allergies again touching some of that equipment.

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