good day, bad night

Yesterday was quite a day! I spent two hours working out like a freak, mostly trying out new routines and exchanging notes with a gym buddy on how to work different muscle groups more effectively. No, we didn’t talk about how to lose weight so I won’t be doing a Lipofuze review or anything like that here 😀 .

When I got home from the gym, I was so beat I just plonked myself in front of my PC like a potato. I stumbled on the movie “Into the Blue” and decided to watch it on my PC so I wouldn’t have to move. Hey, hey, hey, wouldn’t you know it, another Paul Walker movie, a pretty old one but I hadn’t seen it yet. More eye candy 😉 !

Paul Walker - Into the Blue

In the evening, we had a relative’s housewarming party to go to except it turned out not to be a party because someone heard it wrong 🙄 . So we got dressed up, found the house, made some small talk and pretty soon, it was obvious we were the only ones there. What a waste of time!

So we left and drove around the area looking for a place to eat. It was 8pm, way past our dinner time! Thankfully we found this Ipoh chicken rice place which was practically empty, so we got our fat chicken, inflated fishballs, skinny bean sprouts and MSG soup served real quick. That MSG and salt sure is potent. I think I drank 4 glasses of water all in the space of an hour last night!

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