when science subjects become history

Raine is all worked up about the frog dissection that’s coming up soon. Yesterday she was horrified to see some frogs hopping about in glass jars in the science lab, oblivious to the fact that they’re going to be history soon.


Raine says there’s no way she’s going to play a part in cutting up the poor frogs. It’s just too cruel. In Buddhism, one of the 8 Precepts is to live and let live and to refrain from destroying living creatures. That got drummed into all my kids’ heads from day one.

Some of the kids told the teacher, look, you can’t do this, there’s some poor tadpoles in a pond somewhere waiting for their mommy or daddy to come home! OMG, that sounds so freakin’ sad!

Amongst themselves, the girls are planning to ‘accidentally’ let the frogs escape by leaving the jar covers open. I’m not going to bet they’ll be able to pull that off but Raine will certainly be saying a prayer for the frogs when she sees them today. To think I thought compassion is dead to our modern-day kids. Apparently not. It’s definitely there and I’m just so happy to hear it.

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  • Judi

    You’re right, that is sweet. What I found interesting is that you daughters’ name is ‘Raine’. Do you know that there is a town in Louisiana names “Rayne” and it is the Frog Capital of the World! Just thought it was kind of interesting.