Fast and Furious

We watched Fast and Furious yesterday. It’s loud, exciting and the best darned movie ever. I love action movies, spills and thrills, and this one is fast action from start to finish and I got so wrapped up in it I forgot to eat my popcorn.

Speaking of spills, I spilled my coke as I was trying to open the cover while keeping my eyes glued to the screen. Didn’t matter ‘cos we had an endless supply of coke and popcorn free. Spill one, just pop open another 😀 .

That should give you an idea of how good this movie is. Vin Diesel is great. I love Vin Diesel. Right, tell me, how can anyone not warm up to the guy after watching him in The Pacifier?

2009 Fast and Furious 4

And I’m still swooning over Paul Walker. You can’t blame me, he’s tall, blond, blue-eyed and has a dropdead gorgeous smile, totally hot and he reminds me of someone I once knew, ahem. My girls have been teasing me all weekend and I’m sure I won’t hear the end of it 😆 .

In the movie, Dom Toreto (Vin Diesel) loses his girlfriend and decides to team up with Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker), now with the FBI, to track down the guy responsible. So it wasn’t just all action, there’s some heart to the movie as well. So yeah, it’s been a good weekend for me 😉 . Now back to staring at my wallpaper…

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