fishbones, dolphins and apples

It’s funny how when we go out shopping for something specific, we almost never seem to find it. Skye has been after a pair of stud earrings that she can keep on all the time.

A couple of years back, she got a pair of gold studs for her birthday. But gold jewelry, real or fake, is not allowed in school so that’s out. In fact, that’s good too. Times are bad, I’d rather be safe than pretty.

Thing is when we set out specifically to find a pair she likes, we always end up going home empty-handed. Very disappointing for her and very tiring for the rest of us 😆 !

Last weekend, just when we weren’t really looking, Raine chanced upon these as we girls were loitering (haha, sounds like we’re hoods or something!) around some small stalls at the mall waiting for the guys.


We ended up buying a pair of fishbones, dolphins and apples with blue cores. They’re really delicate and I had a hard time trying not to lose them as I was washing them before allowing the girls to put them on.

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