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Right, now that I’m done with frying 6 eggs, 4 sausages and 12 slices of bacon, heating up a can of Heinz baked beans and making 2 cups of coffee and endless slices of toasts, I guess that means our Sunday breakfast is officially over…

bacon and eggs breakfast

… and I can get down to writing a long overdue post. No excuses, just that someone had part of the internet connection turned off the past 5 days for reasons best known to themselves, so it was virtually impossible to get much done online.

So I dallied at the gym, slipped in a couple of afternoon naps here and there (a rare luxury in the life of an Executive Chauffeur, I tell ya 😛 !) and while waiting to pick up my girls at school one day, I saw the familiar face of a mom that I haven’t seen in 7 years. Seeing her again brought back a flood of memories!

Her only child, C went to the same kindy as Skye, and was one of the few kids who, along with Skye, got slapped by the Chinese teacher for going out of line and not being in synch during their dance practice.

When I found out the truth from Skye, I immediately u-turned back to the kindy to confront the teacher who blatantly denied she had slapped the kids. She said the kids were probably just playing and had slapped each other! Yeah, right, what a polished liar!

The next day, I got a call from C’s mother that after the Chinese teacher found out that C had told her mother about the slapping incident, she (the teacher) had twisted C’s ear till it bled. C’s mother sounded alarmed and asked me what she should do.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Honestly! What do you mean what should you do? Go to the kindy now and confront the teacher!! She asked me if I could help confront the teacher for her. I was like, what 😯 ??

She’s a very meek woman, quite the opposite of me 😆 maybe that’s why I sorta lost my patience with her. She had no guts to even defend her own daughter. Frankly I would’ve helped but I’d just been in there that morning telling the principal off and threatening to pull Skye out of school, which I did!

I couldn’t believe this woman would just sit there and let someone abuse her daughter. Even if she was too afraid to bark at the teacher, at least she should ask why her daughter’s ear was bleeding! Um, it’s okay, she said, she will wait for her hubby to get home! I was like, hell, what are you so afraid of??

I lost respect for her as a mother right there and then. She told me the decision to send her child to Chinese school was not hers, but her in-laws! Maybe I’m so used to making the decisions and calling the shots with regards to my kids it just pisses me off that she can’t even make up her own mind.

Earlier she also told me it was good that her daughter was getting the hang of ‘being beaten’ before she enters Chinese primary school where the beating supposedly gets worse. Can you believe this woman 😯 ?!

C now goes to the same secondary school as Skye. I look at C’s mother from where I’m sitting in my car across the road from school. She looks the same. I hope C’s not counting on her mom to defend her any time soon!

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