was that a schizophrenic week or what?

I’d say it was. Skye needed a uniform for her Choral Speaking competition… last minute 🙄 ! I had to rush around trying to loan a uniform from someone, anyone. Thankfully I found a dad with a daughter in F5 who is Skye’s size (tall and thin). I’m baking chicken pies today as a thank-you gift to him for being so kind.

On Wednesday, Skye and her class rode a school bus to another school for the competition. They didn’t win but my baby had quite an adventure when she couldn’t find a seat and was left stumbling for a while as the bus pulled out.

Friday was Sports Day at the girls’ school. Raine spent the morning in the hot sun making fake Starbucks ice-blended coffee for sale. Anyone from Starbucks wants to hire her, she’s already well-trained, very polite and has the sweetest smile 😉 !

Saturday, Skye was invited back to her primary school’s prize-giving for her upsr results last year. We all went to cheer for her. The rest of the day was spent at Midvalley. I dropped Steev off to meet his friends and decided to wait for him instead of making 4 trips back and forth to pick him up later.

While waiting, I decided to have my lunch in s-l-o-w motion (since I had so much time to kill), then do my grocery shopping in s-l-o-w motion at Carrefour. Okay, so one minute I’m racing around like a cheetah in heat and the next I’m whiling away my afternoon at the mall like a lazy lioness 🙄 !

Later I took a walk, in s-l-o-w motion, down the bridge leading to The Gardens. Picked up some avocadoes at Cold Storage! Oh, I also bought Steev’s favorite muruku from the little store at the entrance to the bridge. We arrived home in the evening with my groceries melting in the back of my car 😆 !


Sunday, I was off to Tesco bright and early for another round of grocery shopping. Shopping in slow motion on Saturday was hard. I think even my brain went into low gear and I missed a few items I need for this week!

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