scaling the walls

We went to the dentist today. I’ve spent the past few days biting my nails in anticipation of. I thought I’d gotten over my fear. Well, actually I have, by a whole lot since my last few visits there with my kids. I’ve had to put up a brave front and hold each of their hands in turn so that sorta took away some of my own fear.

This time, I didn’t need to hold their hands. Our dentist is the gentlest, most soft-spoken person in the whole world and we love her for that. I was in the room merely for moral support. I told them to just hang on to the arms of the chair and pray. They did well, all three of them while I sat in the corner counting down the minutes to my turn. Nyek!

We had our scaling done. Good word, scaling. That shrill scraping sound is enough to send anyone scaling the walls. I sat through it three times today and when it came my turn, I didn’t hear it any more. The throbbing in my head was louder. There was no pain but strangely my knuckles were white from practically ripping the arms out of that poor chair. Could it be a reflex sort of thing, you think 🙄 ?

dentist cartoon

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