aimless Monday

Steev finished class early yesterday. Hip2bDad dropped him off at Midvalley to check out a camera roadshow. The girls and I slept in, just a little and then made our way over to Midvalley to meet Steev for lunch.

Surprisingly we found a parking spot in no time. But it’s lunch time on a school break, how is it even possible that I’m able to drive straight into a parking spot without having to circle like a vulture? In fact, I could’ve helped myself to 10 parking spots if I’d wanted to. Either my parking karma has improved, dramatically or … well, whatever, I’d better not complain.

Steev met up with us at Colors which is currently one of our favorite cheap cheaper-than-most eats at Midvalley. I still can’t bring myself to order their rip-off nyonya kuih (tea cakes). Well, if you remember paying 25 cents for a piece of nyonya kuih not too long ago, you’d think twice four times before paying, well, four times that amount for a smaller piece!

Anyhow Steev went off to look at more cameras while we walked around. Raine, my shopaholic princess of all people, has decided we don’t need more new clothes so we just loitered around looking at groceries. More groceries? *faints* I have two fridgefuls of food waiting to be cooked this holiday week! But then again, maybe I did miss a few things.

We were at checkout when the girls’ school teacher happened to pass by and gave us a big wave. The girls freaked out and I was left waving my dollar bill at him. He walked on, then looked back at us again with another big, old grin and waved again! OMG, good thing I still had my dollar bill in hand 😆 !

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