not the same

This school break feels different, really different. Steev’s college classes are still on. His semester breaks aren’t in sync with the girls’ any more. Which feels really strange in a much less fun sort of way. Usually the three of them will be sitting in a row with their MP3 players plugged in challenging each other at computer games on their laptops, and we’ll be shopping and eating out a lot.

This time, Steev is swamped with papers and reports to write, and also his teeny-weeny little business to run, so he won’t have much time to spend with the girls. Skye is doing a papier mache project for school, practising for her choral speaking contest next week and teaching herself to create computer graphics. I’ve got some new recipes I want to try and Raine has volunteered to help.

Sure, we’ve all got things to do but with Steev at school, we just can’t up and go anywhere anytime we want to. Like in previous school holidays. It’s just not the same *sobs*.

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