honesty, an important lesson for kids

Steev was walking back to class after lunch yesterday when he came across a five-dollar note on the steps near college. He looked around to see if anyone had dropped it but there was no one nearby. One of his lecturers saw him hesitating and shouted across “Pick it up! Pick it up!”. Isn’t he cute? He sees money, he needs someone to tell him to pick it up!

But then again, it’s because I teach my kids not to take what’s not theirs. It’s a very important lesson for them to learn. Of course, in cases like Steev’s, there’s always that dilemma since the money is in a public area. I’m happy that he did stop to think about it at least. In my mind, greed and dishonesty is what’s turned our world into the mess it’s in today 🙁 .

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