the chopping board

choppingboardI hate to admit it but I went to the I-sale last weekend. I know the place spells furniture heaven to a lot of folks. Not to us.

We were only there because we happened to be having breakfast at a nearby building and decided to see if I could find a new chopping board, the white plastic one I use for cutting fruits.

Their furniture and stuff are overrated, in my humble opinion. I know a lot of die-hard I-fans are waiting to beat me up for saying that 😯 . But it’s true. Once I bought a cupboard with their signature flimsy plywood back. We are gentle creatures, yet within a month, the doors and drawers started coming apart, leaving big gaps and refusing to shut tight.

I read on someone’s blog that they had to attach a string to the back of their I-cupboard to keep it from falling forward 😆 ! That kind of quality is clearly not for me. With kids in the house, I can’t afford to have cupboards collapsing and drawers disintegrating. We spent so much money kid-proofing our house, we really don’t need safety issues like that!

I had an adult student who worked there and she told me their merchandise are manufactured in China at very low cost and sold here at (what I consider) exorbitant prices. Yes, I understand we’re paying for the design but if I have to pay so much, I’d expect them to last for a lot longer than a few months.

Back to my hunt for a white chopping board. The only ones they have are so thin that Steev says he can break them in half with his wimpiest karate chop! Five minutes in the store and we left empty-handed as the weekend crowd started hitting our butts with their shopping carts. Definitely time to flee 😯 !

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  • Karen

    Are you talking about the furniture place that has a Z in their name? If so, I have never liked their things. My kids do. Some of my friends love it. I guess it depends on if you want it to last forever or it is a temporary piece for school or something.

  • clairity

    No Z in their name 😀 . I don’t expect anything to last forever but since their stuff isn’t exactly cheap (though they insist theirs are “affordable solutions for better living”), I would expect fairly decent quality.