this week’s lunch menu

Rain or shine, my kids’ first question when I pick them up from school/college every day is “what’s for lunch?” I have 3 teens who are the pickiest eaters on Planet Earth and I only have one brain so you can imagine :roll:!

I cracked my head and came up with this spaghetti carbonara yesterday. Oh, I was feeling creative so I made it from scratch (not with canned carbonara sauce and fancied it up with bacon strips, enoki mushrooms and French beans.

spaghetti carbonara

Today we had BLT club sandwiches. It’s something the girls can assemble themselves while I went pick Steev up from college.

BLT club sandwich

Tomorrow is the fifteenth of the second moon on the lunar calendar. We’ll be on a vegetarian diet so I’ll be cooking lor hon jai, a one-pot meal of mixed vegetarian stirfry.

lor hon jai, or vegetarian stirfry

Thursday, I’ll be making lasagna. I promised the kids I’ll make this by hook or by crook because they’ve been craving this. Steev has no classes and we’ll all be having lunch together at home so this will be a special treat for all of us 😀 .


Friday, I’m doing an encore for this Thai green curry. I made this last week using basil from my own garden, and lemongrass harvested from my neighbor’s garden and gave her a big bowl of it as a thank-you 😀 .

thai green curry

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