we’re cool ;)

My kids love air-conditioning. They can’t stand the heat. In fact, we’re so warm-blooded we sleep with both the fan and air-conditioner going full blast every night. We wear short-sleeved pajamas, and our blankets are only for decoration, we never use them!

People think we’re either nuts or shameless show-offs but this is the normal practice in our household and we’ve been doing it since the kids were a few years old. Many of our relatives and friends have air-conditioned their living rooms, their entire house even… and I agree, it’s so nice to be greeted by a blast of cool air when you walk in from the blazing heat.

When we visit, I can see my kids beaming from ear to ear. They’re so cute! And I know what they’re thinking. They’re wishing we had this cool luxury at home too but dh and I believe in giving our sweat glands a little exercise and our sweat pores a chance to breathe, and a little lesson in the school of hard knocks for the kids 😯 .

We have the air-conditioning on at night to cool down the bedrooms before we go to bed. The timer switches it off a few hours later. But the fans stay on till morning and they’re on 24 hours a day. That’s it, we’re cool 😉 !

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