neighborly love

Well, it’s the weekend. Time to take a break from posts about real-life issues like prefects and language and slip in a housewifely, pea-brainy post.

The hammering and drilling has been going on for a week now. My neighbor, the retired teacher, has moved out and the new neighbors are remodeling. This means that from morning till evening, we’re entertained by heavy rock music of walls falling and floors cracking.


The old auntie used to pass me her half-used jars of sauces that are about to expire, half-eaten slices of cakes she didn’t like, overripe bananas she couldn’t finish and other good stuff like that. No, she wasn’t crazy, just very generous 😯 !

I must’ve looked undernourished to her. Old folks like to see us fat and well-fed (just like her daughter). I would graciously accept all of the goodies she passed across the fence and those goodies would go straight into my garbage bin.

Can’t wait to meet the new neighbors!

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