to be or not to be

Skye’s friend is a prefect now. Skye’s in a special class and the students in her class were given first preference to become prefects. Instead she chose to join the Co-operative which is a business unit that sells school paraphenalia such as PE shirts and pants, badges, ties, etc. Skye made the decision entirely by herself. I’m so proud of her.

She, Raine, Steev and I have talked about the pros and cons of becoming a prefect in some of our daily conversations, and I guess she based her decision on those. When Steev was in F1, the school was pretty new and the principal, seeing that he had straight A’s, told me he should be a prefect.

In my time, a prefect was appointed by the teachers because you’re a smarty-pants. So you had to have earned yourself the job. To be head prefect, you had to be the top student, the all-rounder excelling in both studies and sports, and it was an important job you had to do to keep the order and discipline.

These days, anyone can be a prefect if their parents are in the PTA or make notable donations to the school. And the rest of the positions are filled by those who apply, pass a simple test and sail through the trial period. They are sometimes the naughtiest kids themselves.

I’ve never encouraged my kids, one way or the other, to become school prefects. A prefect is what the other kids call a slave. I don’t want my kids running around doing errands and missing classes half the time because of their duties. I’m not worried about them getting high posts and big titles 😀 .

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