my fun-filled afternoons

The girls are in the middle of their school exams and still we can find the time to laugh. There are several subjects this year that are new to them. Like Geography which Skye’s teachers and friends pronounce as “jio-grah-fee”.

Skye knows it should be “ji-ORH-gre-fee” but when she uses the correct pronunciation, no one understands her. So she’s forced to deliberately MISpronounce certain words to be understood. When she told us about this, we had a good laugh.

Raine is doing “chem-is-tree” this year, not “KEM-is-tree”, and let’s hope we’ve got new “ah-pah-rah-toos”, not “EP-a-rat-us” in the science lab. Wait till you hear the pronunciations of other mathematical and scientific terms. Some are completely unrecognizable and some have me rolling on the floor clutching my tummy!

In our attempt to murder the English language, we have completely ignored the stress and intonation. Every syllable is flat and we simply pronounce the word by its spelling (or misspelling) based on some other language which incidentally is not the way English works.

By the way, to those who think I’m very free because I don’t work outside home, please know that many of my fun-filled afternoons are spent correcting the misguided English my kids bring home from school. This is what I do for entertainment!

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